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A Realtor may represent a Seller or a Buyer. If you are a Seller of property, by listing your property you have employed the Realtor as your agent. If you are a Buyer you can elect to have a Realtor work for you as a "Buyer Agent" or the Realtor can work as a "Facilitator", facilitating the transaction for both while not being an agent of either Buyer or Seller.

If a Realtor is showing one of his or her listings, the Realtor is an agent of the Seller. If he or she has been employed by the buyer as a "Buyer Agent", then in this situation he or she is a "dual agent", required to give full disclosure to both parties.

Bismarck Realty Co. offers both Seller representation, thru the listing of property, as well as Buyer Representation. Please contact the Broker or one of our agents for a full brochure on agency representation or to discuss the advantages and services available to you.

As a member of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), we can provide you with "one stop service" by providing you with information on any property listed by other Realtors, as well as showing you these properties and representing you in the purchase.

We can also assist you in the purchase of a "For Sale by Owner" with a menu of services that you can choose from to make your transaction a sound one.

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